bespoke news

It’s good to have News.

A News service gives the listener a sense of connection, of being up to date. It’s a fact, though, that much of the News content in a standard news feed is not very pleasant.

There’s also the problem that some can ruin the moment, commercially speaking, by endorsing competitors, reflecting economic gloom, or relating issues that taint whole industries and market sectors.

Many retailers and business owners would prefer to filter out the more distressing or controversial stories from a standard news service, and inject some relevance for themselves.

The good news is….BESPOKE NEWS

It’s relevant news, filtered by you and branded for you.

In fact, one or two clients want it written from their brief to reflect their own achievements when this is of interest and benefit to their customer base.

So, you decide which general topic threads you’ll have.

You can have main stories, UK only, or worldwide.

Then you can decide if you’d like quirky stories, celebrity gossip, sports, music.
And whether you want it with all the gore left in, if you’d prefer to have it filtered so it’s family appropriate…..

..or made from scratch.

It’s called Bespoke News, because it’s the News you can choose.

Here’s an example of a bulletin tailored for a specific client.

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